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Music, movement and art are integrated into the curriculum at The Brownstone School on a daily basis by the classroom teachers. Their efforts are supported and enhanced by the talents and experiences of our enrichment teachers who are specialists in music and movement education for young children. Our music specialist visits with the classes once a week, introducing the students to a wide range of musical instruments, styles and songs, expanding their knowledge of the musical traditions of various cultures.


Young children love to move their bodies and are working hard to develop gross motor skills. With the assistance of our yoga specialist, the children learn how to manipulate their bodies in new and different ways. From the physical perspective, yoga is an excellent tool for building strength, coordination, mobility and balance. The yoga program develops the children's proprioception and spatial awareness. Yoga also teaches the children mindfulness, building their listening skills and increasing their ability to focus. Yoga helps children to manage emotional upsets and cope with stressful events.


Through Bilingual Birdies, our classrooms will learn Spanish through live music, movement, dance, puppetry, and theatre-based games from a company called Bilingual Birdies. During this special, students will learn ten to fifteen basic vocabulary words and short phrases all while having fun. 

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