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Curriculum Overview




The Brownstone School sets high standards for the education of young children.  Our play-based approach focuses on the social/emotional, intellectual and physical needs of each child.  We believe that young children learn best through play and active engagement with their environment. 



Curriculum Overview


We believe that children learn best in an environment that supports each child’s social/emotional well-being, their intellectual needs and physical development.  The Brownstone School's approach to education is play-based.  We understand that young children learn best through play and active engagement with their environment. 


 At Brownstone, we support an emergent style curriculum.  Curriculum emerges from the interests and passions of children in each of our classroom communities.  Teachers listen carefully to their students and respond accordingly.  Based on these observations, and the understanding of child development,  the curriculum unit is developed. Using this child generated areas of interest, lessons and activities with a focus on science, math, literacy, social studies, social/emotional development, self-help skills, and physical development are crafted.  


Our students are encouraged to be curious, independent, kind and compassionate.  Our goal is to prepare the children for their next steps in life and our students leave Brownstone with a strong sense of self, a love of school and learning, and deep connections/friendships with peers.  Maintaining the essence of our student’s childhood is paramount and we believe how children learn is as important as what they learn.


At Brownstone, students learn at a very young age that their actions and words are powerful tools to be used to make a difference in the world.  Our Service Learning program focuses on helping our community by donating food to local food pantries, writing letters to assisted living facilities, donating toys to the Ronald McDonald House, recycling, and more.  Each classroom participates in at least one social justice project during the year and as a whole school, we partner with organizations to provide clothing, diapers, and items to those in-need.  


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