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Curriculum Overview




The Brownstone School sets high standards for the education of young children.  Our play-based approach focuses on the social/emotional, intellectual and physical needs of each child.  We believe that young children learn best through play and active engagement with their environment. 




The Brownstone School's approach to education is play-based.  Our play-based approach focuses on the following for all students:

  • social/emotional

  • intellectual  

  • physical  


Our students are encouraged to be curious, independent, and compassionate.  Through our interdisciplinary approach to curriculum, the children explore a variety of concepts and units of study based on their varying stages of development, while also developing the skills necessary to reach their full potential. 


Curriculum Overview


Our goal is to prepare the children for their next steps in life while maintaining the critical essence of childhood - having fun, developing self-confidence and learning the social, emotional and physical foundational skills necessary for success. We believe how children learn is as important as what they learn, with our focus being on process versus product. The school's play-based program embraces the principles of an emotionally responsive classroom, with positive teacher language and clear expectations of classroom procedures.


We use elements of the Handwriting Without Tears program, which includes multisensory activities, music and specifically designed materials to help the children develop fine motor and letter formation skills. 

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